Less than a hundred and fifty years ago, lands that would become the present Vancouver were clear-cut to  reap the wood, create roads and provide areas for new settlements.  Small communities grew around stops on tram lines and interurban railways, each cluster containing  houses, churches, a school  and a corner store. Since those early days, Vancouver has continued to evolve and grow – as do all healthy vibrant places. Scattered throughout the city are single family neighbourhoods, filled with  young children, adults of diverse ages and long time residents.

We live in the neighbourhood around Ryerson church, in a community just like all those described above.  And like other areas, change is happening. The main arterials have new apartment/commercial buildings (with 4 storey height restrictions) and we are adjusting to and welcoming many of the changes.  Like other neighbourhoods, we reject spot up-zoning off the main arterial routes, welcome the retention of corner stores which evolve into community coffee shops and enjoy the bike routes that weave together these oases of calm.

Ryerson Memorial Hall- Jo
W 45th @ Yew: Memorial Hall on left to be demolished for a twelve storey tower

We refuse re-zoning for an eight storey building to overshadow the church and the street where we bike, walk and live.

Ryerson houses to be demolished - Jo
Ryerson houses to be demolished. Corner house on left is owned by Wall Financial

More development details on page: ryersonneighbours/details.
Please join us in rejecting re-zoning on W 45th Ave.


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