How Change Succeeds

IMG_0030“If Vancouver is to remain an inclusive, liveable and healthy city, we (need) a City Council that will respect our diverse neighbourhoods as the fundamental building blocks of our city.”

quote from: mission statement of Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods which includes the following:

1. Collaborative partnership with residents and communities – 2. Accountability to residents and communities – 3. Transparency of the planning process – 4. Vancouver as community, not commodity – 5. A Liveable, Sustainable City (details in the link)



Democracy: A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives

Have we empowered political representatives to make decisions with huge financial, social and physical implications. where they risk little but our lives are impacted? Are we too uninvolved? Do we care? Civic elections have a surprisingly low turnout, meaning that perhaps we are all too busy until we are immediately impacted by change.

Effective change comes from the ground up, from residents who care about their communities and willingly become involved. Vancouver’s individual neighbourhood groups are uniting to strengthen fights against City Hall’s imposed up-zoning. There is a sense that developers are talking to planners and politicians, leaving neighbours uninvolved and uninformed until the process is well underway, leading to frustrated citizens.

Ryerson neighbours, opposed to rezoning for Wall Financial’s proposed Wall Financial’s proposed 8-storey-plus-penthouse tower, learn there have been plans in process “for years” to develop the church lands at 2165 to 2291 West 45th Ave. In an effort to understand the process and develop an informed opposition, we have attended meetings organized by the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods.  Other residents, impacted by proposed changes across Vancouver, are uniting in efforts to reassert their stake in the places they reside. Together there is strength; alone we struggle in frustration.




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