Ryerson Neighbours Flyer


Ryerson Church Neighbours: please comment by April 28

Tell the City of Vancouver your concerns about the Dunbar Ryerson and Wall Financial rezoning proposal by April 28 – please be heard!

If you missed the Community Open House, Monday, February 27, or would like to take another opportunity to make your voice heard and put your opinions in writing, please write to City staff at the following addresses by April 28:
City of Vancouver Planner, Michelle McGuire: michelle.mcguire@vancouver.ca

City of Vancouver, Chief Planner, Gil Kelley gil.kelley@vancouver.ca
Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca
City staff is compiling all written comments in a report on the Dunbar Ryerson and Wall Financial rezoning application, which will then be presented to City Council by the Planning Department.

Dunbar Ryerson Church and co-developer Wall Financial have applied to the City of Vancouver to rezone properties in the 2100 and 2200 block West 45th Avenue for a development that involves tearing down Ryerson Memorial Centre, gym and the neighbouring house plus three homes west of the Church.

New on East Site (2165-2195 W. 45th)

  • 8-storey condominium tower with 9th floor mechanical penthouse
  • 4 storey building along the lane
  • Townhouses 2.5 storeys high along 45th Avenue
  • Parking for some residents and some church and activity centre users

New on West Site (2205-2291 W. 45th) • 5-storey building that includes an activity centre with a variety of meeting rooms and rehearsal spaces
• rental housing with 10 units highly subsidized, 11 units mid subsidized, and 11 units at market rates You can review various documents pertinent to this development proposal on the City of Vancouver’s website at:http://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/2165-2195and2205-2291w45thave/index.htm. An on-line comment form is available via the above link.

Concerns raised by those who live in the Kerrisdale Ryerson neighbourhood include:

  • Precedent Setting Rezoning: City would rezone to allow an 8 storey-plus building, contravening the ARKS Community Vision
  • 8-storey building is incompatible with existing streetscape and defies existing zoning policy; even developments on West Boulevard, an arterial route, do not exceed 4 storeys
  • Lack of appropriate stepped-down transition/buffer from apartment zone to RS-5 residential areas: as achieved by 3- storey townhomes in the 5300 block Larch St.
  • Shadow impact on homes, especially to north and east, will keep residents in the dark during fall and winter months
  • Loss of amenities: gym, pre-school

• Loss of sidewalk-level green spaces and mature trees

• Increased traffic along 45th Ave, a designated bike route

• Dramatic change of church property use: concert venue, rehearsal space, and meeting rooms could draw 800 people a day; yet only 45 parking spaces provided

• No drop off zone for the church or activity centre

• Loss of character homes on 45th Avenue • Up to a decade of phased construction noise, dust and disruption for residents

• Transportation plan fails to address significant changes in neighbourhood density and venue use

We want development proposals that respect the Council-approved ARKS Community Vision.

Bring us development that keeps the neighbourhood character without inflating existing zoning density, defying long-established height restrictions and ignoring community planning.

Find us on Facebook: Ryerson-Vancouver Neighbours www.facebook.com/ryersonneighbours  Email: ryersonneighbours@gmail.com           Blog: https://ryersonneighbours.wordpress.com


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