Proposed new buildings

Standing on site look at scale of church and imagine the proposed apartment block

Dear Ryerson Neighbours – and others,

For latest news and update please click these two pages (February 19 2017)

Dunbar Ryerson United Church has put in a zoning application for the development of their lots on West 45th Ave. Above is the artist’s rendering, the link below has more information:

As you’ll see in the report, the building is still 8 living floors – 9 floors in total. Please read the project stats document as well – it talks about number of units and number of parking spaces for residents and for the new music building they want.

This proposal is non-conforming under present zoning so they are requesting re-zoning of these lands. We have clearly and consistently maintained  that we oppose this up-zoning.  The Ryerson Neighbours organizing team is meeting  to discuss the proposal and formulate a strategy. We will be consulting with ARKS and the Vision Document they put together a few years ago for this area. Our concerns include traffic generated by having 600 to 800 people attending the community block west (left) of church at any given time, all year long plus new residences, parking for visitors etc.

If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact us. By mid-week we will have flyers ready for distribution and we will need volunteers to help us distribute the flyers, both electronically and door-to-door.

This is a neighbourhood effort, if you are all onboard with supporting the ARKS Vision plan for this community, please join in.

Ryerson Neighbours Organizing Team


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