Proposed Project 2015

Ryerson Neighbours – about us: about

Visuals of Proposal with massing details

ryerson architect's rendering
architects’ rendering of proposed buildings

When we enter the project description into a street view on West 45th Ave., we get the following –


Streetview E from Vine with and without models
From Vine St. looking east  @ West 45th Ave
Streetview N on Yew with and without model
Before and after view looking north on Yew St

In an ironic twist –   An application for a 19-storey condo tower to replace a three-story walkup and coach house jolted the community awake. Outrage brought about 500 people turning out at a town hall meeting at the Coast Plaza Hotel, organized by the [now defunct] West End Residents Association. With the 2008 civic election in mind, Councillor Tim Stevenson (with Vision Vancouver, then in minority on Council), told the audience, “What it’s going to take is all of us together, all of us together, letting [then mayor] Sam Sullivan and the NPA know that we’re not going any further down the road that they’ve been going and that developers are not going to make the West End into another Yaletown.” quote: The West Ender – 2008


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