February 2017

The following is my own personal opinion and may not reflect the opinion of others on the Ryerson Neighbours Committee. Jo Scott-B

As we prepare to review the Ryerson Church Development Proposal, it is important that as many neighbours attend as possible attend the information meeting on Monday, February 27th, 2017 from 5-8 pm, at Dunbar Ryerson’s Memorial Centre, 2195 West 45th Avenue, to make your voice heard and put your opinions in writing. This usually involves post-it notes on the panels.

Townhouses and low rises are acceptable – in keeping with the ARKS Vision
new activity centre ok – but with a  Circular drive in front and more parking to meet the increased usage levels  re: Affordable housing – great that it is mixed income housing – but can the city guarantee this beyond the first year?

We urge you to write letters to the City of Vancouver and please cc Ryerson Neighbours. The following points could be included in a letter to Mayor and Council, please: cc Director of Planning and Ryerson Neighbours. Their email addresses are at: the-ryerson-proposal

Initial information received raises concerns. An eight storey building (plus mechanical penthouse) is non-conforming. Even developments on West Boulevard, an arterial route, don’t exceed 4 storeys

  • The proposed church activity building, on the west side, can accommodate a possible 600 to 800 people at any given time. It has a concert venue, rehearsal space, and meeting rooms that could draw that many people a day. Only 45 parking spaces are assigned for these uses in the underground parking lot
  • No drop off zone for the church or activity centre  
  • Increased traffic along 45th Ave, a designated bike route    
  • Up to a decade of phased construction noise, dust and disruption for residents                                                                                     

The proposal contravenes the ARKS Community Vision (approved by City Council) with respect to height, a report based on extensive neighbourhood consultation. Further concerns include:

  • Precedent Setting Rezoning: the City would have to rezone this area to allow an 8 storey-plus building, contravening the ARKS Community Vision
  •  Lack of appropriate stepped-down transition/buffer from apartment zone to RS-5 residential areas: as achieved by 3-storey town-homes in the 5300 block Larch St.
  •  Shadow impact on homes, especially to north and east, keeps residents in the dark during fall and winter months
  •  Loss of sidewalk-level green spaces and mature trees

Read more on Ryerson-traffic report from the City of Vancouver

 Dramatic change of church property use: concert venue, rehearsal space, and meeting rooms could draw 800 people a day;

We want development proposals that respect the approved ARKS Community Vision.

Thank you. 


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